17 JAN

The 2s travelled to Wells on the back of an extremely credible performance against promotion seeking Morgs last week; alas the 2s again suffered from the strange travel sickness that seems to befall the side whenever they travel outside the town boundaries.
It was a dreich day for Rugby; wet; windy and cold. The 2s could only muster 17 to face Wells despite this a gutsy build up to the game was orchestrated. The official got the game underway on to what was to be a heavy going exchange due to the conditions underfoot.

Burnham started of very promising the pack were providing a good platform for the  backs to  work out of; and this was going uphill, the early exchanges saw Burnham exerting all the  pressure but were unable to  get the  backs released to complete the  effort. As it was it was Wells who exploited the committed Burnham pressure to find a gap; their centre slipped the tackle and run the half to score, converted;
Burnham replied with much the same but failed to finish off what was some very good work a very good opportunity was missed by a marginal forward pass decreed by the official robbing Elliot Donnelly of a sure score; this would have made a difference.

Nevertheless Burnham stuck to the task and was always on the hunt to create opportunity; the conditions slowed the game down for both sides and swung to and fro across the field. It was Wells who at this stage showed the most enterprise and following a turn over ball were again able to exploit gaps in the visitors defence and break in and score.
Burnham continued to pile on the pressure looking for the score that would start the comeback it did not happen and as the half ended it was a Burnham side that eagerly looked forward to playing with the slope.

The second half started much as the last had ended with Burnham exerting pressure, certain lapses in discipline had crept into  the  game at  the  end of the  last session which did not help relationship’s with the  official who was tiring of this phase of Burnham’s play, and was scrutinising to  Burnham’s detriment; cetain phases of play; this was not helpful to what the visitors were trying to  achieve and had an effect on the  flow of  play; this distraction was locked onto  by Wells who ran in another try.

Despite this; stalwart efforts were being put in by Chris Warner; Adam Peters; Jake Allen; Lewis Dodge; and despite some promising carries from Wills Conway and Alex Watkin could not make the headway to produce the result much needed. Wells had identified the danger men and were quick to shut them down.

The pack were dominant and producing good ball and winning against the head; in the air Ben Bowkett was sound, but the breaks although identified could not be capitalised on.
It was a very frustrated; disappointed Burnham side that walked from the field at  full time; in the after match review it was again a tale of numbers to commit; this game was ours to  win; and  despite a fine effort from all who played we did not produce the goods that we  know we  are well capable off. A special mention to Jake Harding on his second team debut; who gave a very creditable account of himself.

Next week I believe we have a rescheduled game but I do  not have confirmation of the details; watch out for a call up.


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