Burnhamgreatly improved their chance of remaining in Western Counties West with a try,albeit a penalty try,in the dying moments of the game.Most of the game’s forward struggles showed that Burnham had the supremacy,especially in the scrums,which ultimately won them the match.Burnham started the game in the ascendancy,playing most of the first 10 mihutes in Crediton’s half against the wind.However a long clearing kick sent Burnham scurrying back eventually conceding a penalty for offside and as Crediton possessed a kicker of prodigIous ability, they found themselves 0-3 behind.Burnham were not to be denied and following a break by Piper,followed up by Pettitt chasing the ball almost to the line,3 quick phases and then out to Tim Piper to score in the corner.5-3.Crediton hit back almost immediately after Burnham were penalised for holding on.5-6.Burnham kept up their majority of possession and territory and after a flowing interchange between backs and forwards,Brandon Pettitt demonstrated his strength and manoeuvreability and squirmed across the line.10-6.

Half time

For the first 20 minutes of the second half,with the wind behind them Burnham kept up the pressure,only being kept from adding to their score by either losing the ball in crucial positions or somd desparate defending by Crediton.Another Burnham transgression allowed Crediton to kick a penalty deep into Burnham territory,then secure the lineout,followed by successful phases before releasing their inside centre to ghost through.10-13. For the next 20 minutes Burnham hammered away at Crediton until,eventually,after gaining 3 penalties 5 metres out the referee rightly awartded a penalty try,converted by Piper.17-13.Final score.

A hard match fought out in the best of contention by both clubs.Burnham showing that they do have the capacity to grind out a result.Man of the match Luke Gowan but it could have baaen awarded to many others such was the committment.Well done Burnham,especially as all their closest rivals lost.


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