Burnham concluded their pre season matches successfully,winning 3 out of 3.From the start of the match displayed their solidarity in defence before they began to exert their own efforts culminating in a pushover try claimed by Chris Warner. 10 minutes a similar result after a series of mauls with,yet again,a Warner try.Notable efforts from Stevens and Howard in the tackling department.Half time.12-0.Burnham kept up their confidence,no matter which 15 were playing
,and some play by James Wright saw him charge down a clearing kick,follow up and successfully ground the ball.Even with several players missing on the night,Burnham showed that this season,especially with the advent of some of the development squad step[ping up,that they will be a force to be reckoned with.However,skipper Ross McKechan stated,along with coach Kevin Inalls,that they must keep up the training intensity and their fitness levels.Well done Burnham and we all look forward to the start of the season.


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