A disappointing result for Burnham which unfortunately did not reflect on Burnham’s performance.Their scrummaging was good,lineouts were adequate and all round general play was encouraging.However but for some error strewn and dubious refereeing Burnham could easily have come away from Cornwall with a result.Discipline was still a problem,not all correct decisions,costing Burnham 18 points,but otherwise one try apiece,Louie Ward scoring for Burnham.Burnham need to solve the problem of going away with insufficient players and also having to rely on players with ongoing injury diffioculties.One feels extremely sympathetic with those that travelled on the long journey,only to be rewarded with the poor refereeing that they received.Well done Burnham and l am sure when Falmouth travel back to Burnham and even they were apologising for the control of the game,they will be able to exact some revenge.

Man of the match Tom Stevens


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