Burnham, disappointly lost a match they could have and should have won. Too many handling errors,poor decision making and lack of communication cost them the match.Scrummaging was good as well as lineout but subsequent mauls were lostbecause of poor support for the ball carrier. Tiverton were first on the scoreboard with 2 well taken penalties,however Burnham’s response was to convert a pen lineout into a constructive maul with Brett Diver spurting onto a po up pass and dive over to make the score 6-5 at halftime.20 minutes into the second half Burnham showed what they could do when opting for a scrum 5 metres outthey pushed Tiverton back,then 2 phases later Kiwi Muskett took the crash ball to cross the line.Holder converted.12-6.Unfortunately Burnham did not learn from this and a series oferrors allowed Tiverton back into the game with firstly a penalty goal then being caught with the ball,giving Tiverton the opportunity to kick deep into Burnham territory with their left winger winning the race.14-12.Burnham really must tighten up on these basic mistakes because,when they put their mind to it,they were the better side.


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