On a sunny crisp and cold afternoon Burnham ran out determined to continue their winning streak with confidence gained from beating Wells the previous week.
Burnham got off to a shaky start giving away 10 penalties in the first 20 minutes.
Then they managed to create a bit of space for Brandon Pettit to have a great run fending off players right and left to put the ball down in between the posts.
Easy conversion for Timmy Piper.
Burnham quickly capitalised on this advantage and from a 5 metre line out to a driving maul,  quickly passed to Mason Shaw who using his speed and size, barrelled through the opponents to put the ball down just to the right of the post.
Another simple conversion for Tim.
Shortly after from a Burnham scrum, Tom Stevens, picked it up, made a good run, off loading to Mason Shaw who passed out to the winger Elliot Donnelly, who put it soundly down in the corner. No conversion. Half time score  19-0 .
In the second half Burnham continued to dominate and after a scrum in front of the posts, the ball was confidently passed along the line from Tim, to Mason, to Brandon , who put it soundly down in the corner. no conversion.
Then from a 5 metre scrum Mason took the ball through a number of players passing to TJ who sidestepped nifty to score in front of the posts.
Wiveliscombe were then lucky to find a chink in the formidable Burnham armour to score a try.
This did not dampen the Burnham indomitable spirit as they from a scrum Tim took up the ball off loading to a quick side stepping Jack Pope, to score in front of the post , quickly converted  to finish the game at 38-7.
Difficult to name one outstanding player  but Mason Shaw was really strong up front and in off loading when it matters.Everyone played really well in this convincing win .


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