“Burnham to thin on the ground to hold Morgs”
Burnham 2s travelled the short hop to  Morganians on Sat with a side weakened by call up to  the  firsts, brought about by injury: unavailability;  and the le’der hosed; thigh slapping beer drinkers of the  Munich beer fest.
The 2s fielded only fourteen for the  kick of which remained well into the  half until reinforcements arrived in the  form of Chris  Lee who was to  provided ample presence to the side by his contribution. 
The pre match build up was positive and constructive the captain ED Lewis was upbeat which reverberated through the entire squad; Burnham knew they were up against it; but they were certainly up for it with no disillusions as to the task in hand.
The day  was good  for rugby dry with an excellent playing surface; which was in Burnham’s favour as the backs lead by Wills Conway had pace and ideas; Morgs had amassed a horde of replacements this did not deter Burnham as the  game got under way . The early exchanges were well balanced with the play centred around mid-field, each squad looking to find an opening to exploit; this gave great confidence to Burnham who had organised the deficit of a player very well; co-ordinating the two units of forwards and backs was Matt Mitchell who stepped up in exemplary fashion. It was Morgs who made the  first  headway applying the  tactic that  is  well known using forward power to  play of their no 10, this  paid of mid-way  through the half when through intense pressure they broke in and crossed the  line Try; unconverted.
Burnham immediately hit back  from the  restart and through a series of forward phases; moved down the  centre area of the field; quick ball was being recycled which was exactly what was needed which capitalised in the  Home sides dis-organisation a penetrating brake in from Will Astil who had an outstanding game set the ball up well inside the home side 22; the ball was recycled to move even closer to the home line the ball was again secured and fed out to the Captain Ed Lewis who drove home to  cross the line try unconverted.
The game continued in the same mould with both  side making gains and losing ground at this stage Burnham were in charge; and again came close to  scoring but on a counter from this  area it was obvious that Burnham had over committed and the ensuing break out resulted in the home side crossing the  visitors line; TRY Unconverted.
This was very much the tale of the half; Chris Lee came on at the end of the half with the score line at 10-5.
At the restart Morgs had started the first of many changes, the game started much as it had ended Burnham were sound in defence and quick to  exploit any breakout; the wings in the  form of Elliot Donnelly and Ryan Maynard are well worth a mention this was however beginning to  take its toll a number of injuries were taken as the  pressure of the  fresh legs and the additional weight that was brought on was taking effect; Morgs had increased their lead by this  time  but they  were still in reach; realising this yet  more substitutions were brought on; by this  stage it was almost a new pack.
Yet the Burnham spirit sustained it was clear that they  were in contention and not just providing opposition this was demonstrated when camped in the  Morgs 22 for a sustained forwards action where scoring was thwarted narrowly on two occasions ;finally resulted in Matt Salter crashing over the  line for the  visitors second try; unconverted.
Yet more changes were made and during a desperate piece of defending Will Astil was taken out and had to leave the field; he had contributed an enormous amount to the attack in the game; linking superbly with Matt Mitchell and Will Conway.
For the next phase Burnham were very much in the trenches as Morgs capitalised on their superior weigh advantage to add to their score line.
It was however Burnham who had the last call with a late rally into the home sides half which saw the game come to a close. 
This had been a very spirited performance by the Burnham side who had stuck to the task admirably; all are to be congratulated for a job well done especially under the unforeseen circumstances that came of player availability; hopefully this will not be repeated.
The seconds have opened their account extremely well this season and are well capable of maintain the momentum; but it does need commitment from all.
Saturday 05 October sees the seconds at home to Wells 11, a big player turnout is required.


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