Burnham 2s 15 Morganians 29
“Much improved Morgs on top” 

The Burnham 2s hosted a much improved Morganians side on Saturday. A good squad had been assembled to face the visitors. The pressure was firmly on the shoulders of Burnham to break out of the run of bad results that had befell the 2s in the past weeks.
The match researchers had done their stuff and the brief was that Morgs would rely on their heavy Brigade in the pack to unleash the glut of running new blood that they have accrued in the back division. The visitors arrived with an impressive array of scalps from previous games and were keen to get into the fray with Burnham to add to their tally. The intelligence report was correct; Morgs strength lay in the back three; the pack; and the 9 and 10.
A very  constructive build up led to the official getting the game under way, and it started as predicted with the visitors relying on the bulk of the  pack; in an effort to rail road Burnham, what they did not appreciate was the determination of Burnham to resist any such control; solid resistance in the form of mobility terminating hits were delivered by the Burnham pack from Matt Slater; Glen Cutter; Jake Evertts; Joe Osgood; John Edwards and  Sam Wells; the ferocity of this resistance focused the visitors attention considerably. In the backs they were not to be out done; with Ryan Reynolds and Alex Watkins playing 9 and 10 respectively the back division was putting together some good linked up moves; with a series of impressive penetration attacks with all backs in action impressive carries were performed by Henry; Tim; and Matt Mitchell  in defence they were up on their opposite numbers quickly; with just as aggressive hits especially from Henry Bigwood and Ginge Summerhayes; it was very apparent that the visitors did not like this form of treatment.
The weight advantage that the visitors pack had, eventually began to tell and managed to secure through an infringement a penalty, taken by the visitors it had taken them 25 mins to break into Burnham’s defence. This lifted the visitors who mounted a sustained attack on the Burnham line; this was defended with the same level of ferociousness as demonstrated in the preceding stages of the half. Eventually Morgs broke in and crossed the line try unconverted, this was the tale of the half.
It was a disappointed Burnham that went into the Huddle to discuss the past and the future of the next phase.  The home side had played well, Joe Osgood had dominated in the air he had not lost any of his ball and he had stolen and spoiled the visitors play in this area. Matt Glanville had taken all his ball; and had taken some against the head, it was the sheer weight advantage that had been the issue in the scummage. The backs had penetrated in attack and contained in defence, more of the same was required.
The game restarted in the same mould as had been at the break, the game was very much an ebb and flow, the visitors were dependant on their 9 and 10 in setting up all from that area; Burnham were quick onto this with Joe Osgood; Sam Wells and Sam Weekes being prominent in disrupting the needed fluency of these playmakers. Burnham’s work load was beginning to tell as they fought slowly towards the visitor’s line.  The dedicated work load paid off with a supreme effort by the Forwards resulting in Sam Wells crossing the line, Try Unconverted.
Substitutions were made in the form of Ed Lewis and Will Grant, the game continued at pace Burnham were in the driving seat and putting the visitors under increasing pressure two very determined attacks just failed to secure points the latter resulting in No 9 Ryan Reynolds sustaining and aggravation to  an old injury which brought about a change. Tim moved to scrum half; Sam Weekes moved to the back row, Barney filled in the lock slot. Burnham had to attack and this is exactly what they did. It was during a committed attack that a loose ball fell to the visitors who snapped up the opportunity scoring between the posts try and conversion. The home side rose again and resumed the assault on the visitor’s line it was from this effort that John Edwards crossed the line converted by Alex Watkins. Changes were again made Ash Morris came on for Matt Glanville Mike Smith for Barney the game was being played at pace. Both side were capable and eager to exploit any weakness, the luck fell to the visitors who managed through the scrum half to find space from a line out to make it to the line; try converted. Again Burnham attacked this time the only reward was a penalty taken by Alex Watkins.
This again lifted the visitors who mounted sustained attacks on the home defending side depending on the same tactic of the heavy battering ram followed by the deliberate set up, some very impressive block tackles were put in by the home side where by without; would  have resulted in a try rush for the visitors. They did succeed in securing a final try as the game moved into the final stages.  The official finally brought the game to an end; it had been a fast flowing entertaining game that had been charged by passion on both sides; Morgs were worthy winners.
In the after match  review a thorough debrief was conducted; the conclusion was reached that what had led to  this defeat, was not the effort displayed on the day; but the lack of preparation required before hand on the training pitch, in the  form of team training. A commitment was asked for of all those who played to pledge to attend training; there was a positive response. Please honour your commitment for the future.   
Team; Matt Slater; Matt Glanville; Ed Lewis; Glen Cutter; Mike Smith; Jake Evett; Jo Osgood; Sam Weekes; John Edwards; Ryan Reynolds: Alex Watkins; Henry Bigwood: Graeme Summerhayes; Nathan Smith; Will Grant; Ash Morris; Barney; Tim; Matt Mitchell; Sam Wall.
The 2 s are off on Saturday 16 Nov; availability is required, for 23/11 away to Somerton; please let Tiny know by Thursday.
Remember your commitment to attend Training!!


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