Match Report Burnham 2XV 10– Morganians 5 01 Mar 14“Burnham Quell effervescing  Morgs ”
Burnham 2s travelled to the Morgs camp on Saturday to an encounter to what was billed a local Derby; Burnham travelled with a compliment of force akin to “Proud Edwards Army “to confront Morganians hostility. Memories of a heated meeting previously at BASC was embedded in the minds of this considerable force who had answered the rally call to arms.
Morganians are on a high this season having consolidated their playing base which has produced results taking them to third position in Somerset 2 South, their game is one of Forward domination this has been reinforced by a number of competent backs which have made them a force to be reckoned with.
The weather had turned favourable for this encounter and the playing surface had fared well with exception; the build-up for this considerable unit went well and the official got the game under way. 
Burnham approached the start of the game with a focused positive winning attitude. From the start Burnham took the  game to  the home side; camping firmly in the 22 region of the  Morgs half; the starting forwards line-up of Slater; Granville; Colling; Edwards; Rees was contending well giving away considerable weight advantage in the set piece; withstanding a determined Morgs who  were attempting to  dominate in this  area. The  backs which was under control of Henry Bigwood at  Scrum half; were recycling; carrying; and  creating continual opportunities to maintain momentum they  were ably support by a cohesive back  row of Osgood; Evett; Stevens who were working tirelessly to  maintain the pressure. With occasional break outs from the home side which were well covered by Ryan Reynolds at full back the territorial gain and pressure was maintained.
This  was very  much  the tale of the  half with  Burnham stable in the scrum; Osgood and  Stevens dominant in the air; in the centres Ben Gibb; Macka; Jake Allen all executing good penetrating carries well over the  gain line and the wings Smith and Donnelly  ever ready  in hot pursuit to run down Morgs defence. As the game folded for the first half the scores were all even. Burnham had 70/80 percent of the territory and an equal amount of possession.
At the restart Burnham weathered the expected onslaught from the Home side who were determined to seal the game up early; unfortunately they had omitted to invite Burnham to the party as the blues had a different agenda. Changes had been made to the visitors Lloyd Stewart replaced Tiny in the second row; Will Conway came on after a long injury to standoff; Matt Mitchell went in to full back, the replacements injected the desired increase in tempo to  the  game resulting in Burnham again camped in the home side half; good pressure by the  forwards who were now exerting themselves in the forwards game as Morgs appeared to  lose power from their tiring forwards which  directly resulted in a penalty infringement for not releasing; giving a kickable opportunity to Will Conway who opened the  account Burnham 3 up, fragile but in front. 
From the start a good take and make break by Edwards culminating in a Maul enabled Conway to break out and chip on into space Maka collected; fed  Mitchell; who drew the Morgs defence to  feed Donnelly to  complete the  service between the uprights; converted by Will Conway. The try was disputed by claims of a knock on which had gone unseen by the official; score confirmed; Burnham 10 up and in control.
Further reinforcements were poured in; in the  form of  Sam Weeks for Tom Stevens; Sean Lloyd for Phil Colling who had contributed exceptionally in the pack and in the  loose; holding the most metre coverage of any forward on the day Mike Smith for Jon Edwards in the second row. Ben Harris had made an appearance due to an injury to Matt Slater who had resumed normal service. The home side had realised that drastic measures were needed and threw everything into the game. They mounted attack after attack into a Burnham Defence that held up extremely well and it was only after considerable concentrate pressure that in the final minutes of the game they were able to cross the line via their scrum half.
It was a last ditch bid as the final whistle was sounded; an epic victory for Burnham who had out tackled; out run; out played; the home side.
It was a formidable unit that had squared up for this match; the same unit with the same focus and determination to win is required for the next game 08 Mar.  
Training for those who can make it is a must, next Sat 08. Home game against Somerton.


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