Burnham-on-Sea 2nd 10 Wyvern 12

Burnham Seconds hosted their first league match at home to Wyvern on Saturday 17 Sept. Having played  in a warm up  friendly  the  previous week  and  carried  a very  favourable  result feelings  were  running  high  for a  repeat  performance. Due  to  injuries  within the  first  team the  side  had  been  raided prior  to  the  game  and  this went  on with the  game started, it was  to  have  disastrous  consequences  as the  game  progressed. The skipper  had  been poached and  Lee  Berry stepped  up  to  grab the  nettle, although the  nucleus of  players  were  there it was  the  structure  that  was  not quite right, never the less the game got underway. What  was  noticeable  was  that  Wyvern  had  pulled  in some  of their  big  guns for  this  game who  obviously thought  they  could  make  a difference.
The  game  started much in  the  same way  as  before  with  both sides settling and exercising some  good passages  of  play, Burnham certainly  had  the  upper hand  in the  early  clinches with  Mike Winfield linking with  the  backs Will Conway  Lee Berry  and Rob  Lewis to  make  good  gains into  the opposition territory, Ginge  on the  wing  was ever  threatening and  Bobby  Hewlett was  menacing with his  darting  runs into  space. This work paid of with Mike Whitfield opening the scoring; try unconverted.  

Wyvern  immediately  retaliated and  crossed  the  line  to  match  the  score  line  and  converted; score  7-5  Wyvern.
Burnham settled  down  to  some  well  coordinated play  linking pack  and  backs  which  saw the  backs moving the  ball out  wide  and  back in for Mike Whitfield  to  cross  the  line in the right  of  the  pitch try -Unconverted; score  half  time 10-7 Burnham.
Prior  to  this  Burnham  had lost  Rob  Lewis  to  the  First  team Rob  had certainly  made  his  mark in the  centre  and  was  to  be  sorely  missed, The  scrum half was  also  carrying  an injury  which  saw his  early retirement and was immediately deputised  by  Lee  Beery  who  was gallant  in  rallying  the  troops. On came  Cain Harding as  replacement, Ryan Reynolds  appearing  in his last  game  prior  to  departing  to  University, Ed  Lewis  came  on as  prop and  played a  sterling game.
From the  restart it  was  obvious  that  the  Burnham edge had been  blunted as the  play faltered, despite some really focused  play  by Podge, Will  Conway, Ashley and  Glenn in the  forwards.
It was during one  of  these  periods around  the  60th  minute  that Wyvern  crossed  the  line  from a   breakout  from  the  centre  who evaded  two  tackles  to  feed  the   wing, try  unconverted 12-10 Wyvern.
With  the  game  moving into  the  final stages  Burnham rallied; some  quick  thinking  from Bobby Hewlett nearly resulted in breaking  into  the  Wyvern defence this  was  followed  up  by  a  well  coordinated pick  and  go  from  the  pack  resulting in a kick  pass to  Ginge  on  the  wing  who  crossed the  line  ‘’job Done’’ alas  the  referee deemed  the  move  to  off  side and  the  score  was  disallowed, this  was a  cruel blow  and  extremely controversial as  Burnham was  on top  at this  stage  and should  have  been  rewarded with  the points.
The game ebbed and flowed with Burnham certainly looking the fitter alas its points on the board that counts in the end.

This game  was played in some  atrocious   weather conditions  which  it  has to  be said  was  the  same  for both  teams and  all credit  is given  to  Burnham for  sticking to  the task. It must  be taken on board  that tackles  cannot  be  missed and  players  must  remain focused  throughout  the  entire match  irrespective  of  the  line  up. This  season we  are  looking  to make  a direct impact on this  league we are  in, to  that  end  we  cannot afford to  lose the  games  such  as  these  that  we  were  well  capable  of  winning.


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