Burnham-on-Sea 2nd 41 Wyvern 15. Burnham Seconds travelled to Taunton to open their account for the […]
Burnham-on-Sea 2nd 10 Wyvern 12 Burnham Seconds hosted their first league match at home to Wyvern […]
Burnham-on-Sea 2nd 38 Frome 3rd 3 The Burnham second team faithful’s fell in on Saturday to […]
Burnham-on-Sea 2nd 25   Bristol Imperial 2nd 15 The Burnham 1st and 2nd teams entertained at home […]
Burnham-on-Sea 2nd 89-v Castle Cary 0       The Burnham 1st and 2nd teams entertained at home […]
Burnham-on-Sea 2nd 77 Minehead 7. Burnham Seconds played host to the visitors from Minehead on Saturday. […]
Burnham-on-Sea 2nd 27 North Petherton 5. Burnham Seconds travelled to North Petherton to play in what […]
Burnham-on-Sea 2nd 48 Tor 5. Burnham Seconds hosted Tor at the home ground on Saturday in […]
Burnham-on-Sea 2nd 50 Wellington 7 Burnham Seconds travelled  to  Wellington on Sat  03  December  to engage  […]
Match Report Burnham-on-Sea2XV 34 – Castle Cary 5 Burnham seconds opened  their league account  of the  […]
Burnham-on-Sea 2nd 29 Chard 17 Chard Throw down the Gauntlet;Burnham remain Resilient  Burnham Seconds were at […]
Burnham-on-Sea 2nd 21 Minehead 0. Remodelled Minehead;Fail to break down Burnham.Burnham Seconds travelled away to Minehead […]
Burnham-on-Sea 2nd 98 North Petherton 0“Try Avalanche sends Pethy home in Tatters” Burnham Seconds hosted North […]
Burnham-on-Sea 2nd19 Tor 7“Burnham’s Magic Not good enough at Glastonbury” Burnham Seconds travelled to Glastonbury to […]
Burnham-on-Sea 2nd 50 Wells 8“Burnham’s 8 try Bust” Quells Well’s Burnham Seconds travelled to Wells to […]
Burnham-on-Sea 2nd 49- Wyvern 17“Burnham’s Class act, Blows Wyvern away” Burnham Seconds travelled to Fortress Wyvern […]