Burnham-on-Sea 2nd41- Martock 24
          “7 Try Burnham open their Account”

Burnham on Sea Seconds travelled to Martock on Saturday it was a game that was of great importance to the former Div three champions.

With such an ecstatic past season hopes of repeat performance’s had been eagerly looked forward to, and yet despite encouraging performances against the better sides of this Division a win had eluded the side.
Skipper Matt Slater had a good side on the cards but was disappointed to find that last minute call Off’s had severely dilapidated his firepower it was with a fighting Fifteen that pulled out of Burnham; to face the might of Martock.

It was a perfect day for the type of rugby the Burnham side was used to; dry, clear and firm underfoot, this suited the high mobility that the travelling Burnham side favoured.

After a very comprehensive brief from the official, he got the game underway. It was clear from the start that Martock wanted to play this in the forwards it was obvious that this is where there strength lay although they demonstrated that they had backs that could operate given the appropriate platform, it was up to the Burnham forwards to deny this superiority and let our backs do the running around; what was a big playing area. The strategy was simple win it in the loose let the backs do the running. In the opening exchanges this is exactly what happened from very good loose front possession the ball was quickly fed through the hands of Scrum Half Whitfield through Matt BR into the hands of Dave Harris to score in the corner. This fine try was sadly unconverted. It was a wake up call as Martock unleashed a strong reply and pushed the Burnham side into there own 22’ some great defending from George Scott Matt Slater and Glen Cutter turned the tables and Lloyd broke out slipping the ball to ST who finished a fine move by crossing the line this effort was converted by Mike Whitfield. As the game progressed a real battle was taking place in the set scrums and mauls Martock were desperate to prove domination in this area, the Burnham scrum gave as good as they got and Ash Morris won many against the head which on one occasion after the ball was recycled from a set piece that the backs were unleashed within scoring range from a pick up by Lloyd who fed Matt Br bringing OZ J in from the wing passed to SP who touched down for try number three, again this went unconverted.

Martock rallied again and their efforts were rewarded with a try that went unconverted, this success motivated them to a high pitch and they crossed the line just before half time, just as the half time period came to an end Burnham replied with a carbon copy of the previous try as ST touched down again the conversions eluded Burnham. The visitors who were thirsty for more of the same had gained a suitable platform.

The second period started in the same vein what had crept into the first half play was the continued silly infringements that was being penalised by the Official and converted into points by Martock. As the game progressed from a deep kick into the oppositions 22 saw George Scott and OZ disrupt the Martock set up which resulted with the Burnham pack turning over the ball which was quickly fed through the hands of Whitfield Matt BR ST giving Dave Harris the pleasure of touching down, again the conversion eluded the Burnham side.

Burnham were exercising domination in all areas, but this was telling on the discipline of the home side which rubbed of onto Burnham who lost a little focus on the game and conceded two silly penalties which Martock converted. Once normal service resumed a cheeky kick pass over the defence of Martock on the edge of their 22 enabled Matt BR to spin through the mass of Martock bodies to collect and score under the post converted by ST. The game by this stage had deteriorated in some areas and costly mistakes were made enabling Martock to cross the Burnham line once more,

As the game drew to a close a composed Burnham side set up a very good platform from a turnover ball and enabled almost the entire set of backs to be instrumental in the last try scored by SP and converted.
This game had shown True Grit by the Burnham side, Ash Morris was outstanding at Hooker Gilly Hicks was cemented into the loose head, George Scott was the Lion King, Tom Connected with Ash to take every own ball in the line and some of the opposition as well, Mike Whitfield organised the backs very well and Matt Br led by example. The OZ brothers are gaining in every game they play. The team was very well led by Captain Matt Slater.

Every member who played is to be congratulated for a fine performance demonstrating total commitment to bring home this well deserved result.

ALL BURNHAM players must note, Burnham has next week a situation that can only be described as BURNHAMS ALAMO. 

We have two  fixtures  to  meet with  call offs  in the  first team every  man is  expected to  turn to;  to  enable full capacity  squads to take  to  the  field. 1st team are away 2nds  are  at  home  to  Minehead.

All players  are  to make  a  special effort  to  get  to  training this  Thursday and  to  make  their  availability  known to  Matt Slater  ASAP


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