Match Report Burnham 2nd 10 Cheddar Valley 48, 8th December 2012

“Cheddar Gorge on Burnham seconds”.

Burnham seconds travelled to Cheddar on Sat 08 Dec to face the second placed team in Somerset Two south. This  game  brought  to  a conclusion the  fact  that  Burnham had played  all teams  in the  league, Cheddar were an unknown quantity  but due to  the  fact  that  they  are placed  second in the  league pronounces  the  fact  that  they  are not  just  turning up  to  play. Burnham had a strong squad braced with  a healthy  scattering of  substitutions although some players were unavailable or injured namely the teams  prolific try  scorer Mike  Whitfield; the  team skipper  Matt Slater  was  also  back on duty  for  the  2s.
It was a glorious late autumn / early  winter  day  with  a scenic back  drop  of  Cheddar Gorge as  the  two  teams  formed up  in the  opposition line their was  one  familiar face  in  the  shape of  Bobby  Hewlet a former  club mate of Burnham RFC .

The official got  the  game underway and  from the  start  it  was  clear  why  Cheddar  are  in the  elevate position in the league; they  immediately  put  Burnham under  considerable pressure it was clear  that  they  were a   well drilled  side  who  executed movement   from forwards  to  back  division extremely  well. The  pressure  mounted  and  Burnham rallied  with  a  number  of  well  execute moves  to  penetrate into  the  Cheddar  defence; penetrating runs  from Chris  Lee; Will  Conway  and  Ben  Gibb showed  the  home  side that  Burnham did  not  turn up  to  provide  opposition that  they  were  prepared  to  fight  all  the  way.
As the  game  moved out  of  the  first quarter a missed tackle  on the  Cheddar fly half midfield allowed  him to  create a substantial  over  lap resulting in the  first  try of  the  game this  was converted. This  followed  on with  a down period from Burnham which  is  very  cabalistic of the  squad  as  they  seem  to  lose their  cohesion and  composure; during  this  lapse  the  home  side  ran in two  further tries. This  was  very disappointing as  Burnham’s  work  load  was  very  impressive  up  to  this  point.

Burnham then settled  down and  refocused with  encouragement   from Lee  Berry  and  the  Skipper they  got  down  to  the  job of putting  it  together their tempo  changed  immediately as  they  surged  into  the  Cheddar  defence  putting  them under  considerable  pressure, this  period saw  Burnham camped  in the  home  side 20m zone  for  a  considerable period; Cheddars  defence held  out albeit  tested;  with  Burnham only coming away with  three  points  from a  Ben  Gibb penalty  to  show for a  fine passage  of  play.
As  the  game went  into  the end  of  the half it was  clear that  Burnham had a considerable task  at  hand, never the less  the after half  review was  up beat this was a test  for  the  2s and they  all knew it.
The  second half  started with  subs  from Burnham in the  form of  Tiny for  Podge and  certain changes  around in the  backs  which  saw  Ginge “ Summermaboab” coming on to  strengthen the backs, Will  Grant gave  way  after  having played  a great first  half. Mike and Dan were also brought on. 

Unfortunately the  story of  the  half was  similar to  that  of  the  first, both sides worked  hard  at setting up  attacking platforms and  the  score  line  does  not  do  justice  to  the  effort  and cohesive play  put  together  by the  Burnham side who  never  lay  down but it  was the  home  side who  got the  breaks and  that  is  what  it  was all  about ; they  were more  alert  and better organised they  committed  less  to  the  breakdowns  and  subsequently had  numbers in the  attack Burnham players should  personally analysis  this game during after match  meditation there  are  lessons  to learn.

To  Burnham’s  credit they  did  not  give  up  in the  closing stages during one  of  many  attacks generated  by well executed phases involving backs and forwards with  a kick  pass  by  Will  Conway saw Ginge  and  Bobbie Hewit race  to  touch  down ;Burnham who  know  Bobbie  know  well  that  he has  pace alas since  leaving the  club he  clearly  has  lost  the  edge as a missed touch  down saw Ginge successfully make  the  movement, try  converted  by Ben Gibb. Thanks  Bobbie!!

The game fired  down  as  the official brought all  to  an  end. A great  game  by  Cheddar all  credit   to  them; a marvellous  effort  by all of  the  Burnham squad who  gave  a great  performance  and  never  gave  up. We now have  played  all teams  in  the  league this side and Crewkerne are  the  two  toughest  games in our  league the  rest  are  well  within our sights.

Next  week we  are at  home to  Tor; this is payback  time for these mystic men from the big hump a full  squad is  expected to extract  the  required  revenge for a previous result  that  never  should  have  been.
Let Matt Slater know soonest of your availability.


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