Burnham seconds travelled to St Bernadette’s in Bristol to what should have been an easy fixture in the league on Saturday. The day was good for rugby but it was gloomy for skipper Matt Slater due to the surprising amount of call offs he had received at short notice. What it amounted to was a team made up of almost all forwards.
Nevertheless the positions were drawn up and the strategy was outlined Burnham were to make it a game, everyone buckled under to get out and give their best. The game got under way and it was clear to see that the opposition were reasonably well balanced as a side, clearly they had more pace in the backs, which was to Burnham’s disadvantage, but Burnham had the better pack. The game commenced with both sides trying out the strengths and weakness of each other, it was the home side that opened the scoring with a try in the left corner around the 20 minute mark, this was attributed to over commitment at the break down the try went unconverted score 5 Nil down. Burnham responded with some fine forward play special mention must be made of Phil Hobbs whose contribution was enormous with his penetrating runs and ball carrying ability, this resulted in some fine linking with the backs to make good progress mid field with some very impressive phases of play. Scrum half Peters was in top form and Tom playing at Stand off although out of position was creating space and leading the backs very well.
This pattern of play continued with Burnham in command Glen playing open side flanker was shutting down any advances made by the home side and Paul at Blind was working very hard in support. It was from one of these many attacks that Burnham’s first score evolved. Outstanding penetrating running and off load by Phil Hobbs linking with Glen, Gilly Hicks and Andy Norman resulted in a ruck 5 meters out with a pick and go Mike Smith crashed over the line to score. Game even try unconverted.
St Bernadette responded immediately applying pressure from the kick off. Burnham’s defence held and the game ebbed and flowed, Burnham again stepped up the attack and were moving and creating space on the right side of the field when the ball went astray from Ginge playing in the centre to enable a break out by the home side. Burnham had Ryan at full back off the pitch at this time recovering for a knock he had taken earlier scoring was a matter of running the ball in. Try unconverted. It was nearing the end of the first session when Burnham found themselves in the same position from the first try, some fine thrusting runs from Andy Norman and Gilly Hicks saw Peters the Scrum half with a good platform to launch an attack he set Tom off who linked well with Ginge (Mark Coles) making good ground he enabled a guest player Ian to score in the right corner. Try unconverted half time all even.
The second half started in the same mould as the first, the home side had made a number of substitutions and began to build up a lead Burnham did not falter in the commitment, remaining very focused and resulted in a number of fine phases of play, unfortunately these were not turned into points. Ryan at full back turned on some fine runs converting defence into attack, Denis was as steady as ever, Ashley again showed he is a hooker of class by the amount of strikes against the head that he won, Andy Norman’s work load was phenomenal, young Ed Lewis demonstrated he is a player of the future with some fine runs and off loads. Skipper  Matt Slater led  by  example.
The home side created some fine chances within their backs and had the pace to turn these into points. The game ended with a win for the home side 27-10.
This was a very disappointing defeat; all who played knew this is a game that we should have come home with a result. All players are to be congratulated for the sheer commitment and effort displayed, they did not lose this game.  The games that are remaining this season are all winnable by the complete Burnham second team squad; every player must make more commitment to ensuring that this is achievable.
Training on Thursday please make the effort  to  attend, next  Saturday is  away  to  Tor.


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